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What is Aigo and the Aigo Community?

Aigo is a new, revolutionary personal assistant that is much smarter than existing bots. It understands, learns, adapts to you, and can handle ongoing conversations. What's more, you own and control it, and all your data!

We are in the process of building the Aigo Community — a community of forward-looking, passionate future users, creators, and traders of Aigo intelligence.

Please join us to help bring this awesome vision of a truly personal personal assistant to life.

Be First

Get a unique, low Aigo serial number.

Secure a unique serial number for your future Aigo. The sooner you sign up, the lower the number! Once the number is assigned, it is yours for life! You can, of course, sell it later too. (But why would you want to?)

Lower serial numbers give you earlier access to Aigo releases and bragging rights!

Serial number campaign details here

Be Rewarded

Join our competition for a chance to obtain one of a thousand even lower serial numbers!

We want to encourage you to spread the word about our awesome technology. Once you confirm your sign-up, you'll receive a unique invitation link that you can pass on to friends. The more people you invite, the lower your second serial number. To make it fun, we have created a Leaderboard that will soon go live.

We can't wait to see how our community will grow.