Serial Number Campaign Details

How does this Serial Number Campaign work?

Early Adopter

You will be assigned a unique Aigo serial number (starting at number 2000) in the order in which people sign up. This number will be yours for as long as you remain on our mailing list with a valid email address, or are an actual Aigo user.

Top Promoter

We will give you a unique link that allows you to invite additional people to our list. You will receive points for every additional person that you sign up. The competition will run till the end of our AigoToken Sale. The 1000 highest scoring promotors will get an additional serial number starting at 1000, with the higher scores getting lower numbers. If you don't make the cut you will be able to use the points for Aigo services — details to be announced later.

Lower serial numbers (in both series) will give you priority access to our Aigo Personal Personal Assistant and to new features as they are released.

Once our AigoStore opens you will also be able to sell your low-numbered Aigo — but would you want to?

Thanks for your support!
We look forward to building a pioneering community of users, creators, and traders of Aigo Intelligence.